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SUBStitution receives Lord Mayor's commendation

Did you know that SUBStitution has been around for a quarter of a century?


SUBStitution celebrates major project at Government House

SUBStitution has recently completed a major project for one of its clients, the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA). The project involved digitally scanning 219 issues of the Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, and making more than 1,500 scientific and research papers available through the DIAA's new website. To celebrate, SUBStitution staff members were invited to Victoria's Government House on 15 February.


How many greyhounds does it take to change a light bulb?

Thanks to all of you for your warm comments about the Smoko collection of jokes from Bestwool/Bestlamb, a publication SUBStitution has been helping produce for the past 10 years. We're glad we were able to bring you a bit of holiday cheer! If you didn't receive your Smoko e-mail in December, download the Smoko here (pdf 560Kb).


And now for something completely different

ajme-hunt.pngWe have ventured into musical education and hunting!



What's with the name?


Time, cost or quality - which two do you want?

Whatever project you are working on, good planning is essential to avoid budget blowouts and missed deadlines. It all starts with the project management triangle, Time-Cost-Quality. The concept is simple - you can have any two.