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Some key case studies

'Knowledge Harvest' projects

Land Water and Wool CoverOver recent years, SUBStitution has been part of a number of project groups providing specialist 'knowledge harvest' skills to Australian Research and Development Corporations.

Typically, these 'harvests' identify the core findings of long-term, multi-project research investments. The final products provide relevant, targeted messages in easily accessible formats.


  • 'Land, Water & Wool: Managing for Sustainable Profit',
  • 'Grain & Graze - Managing Complex Systems',
  • Australian Goat Industry RD&E Strategy - 2012,
  • Winery Wastewater Management & Recycling - Business Fundamentals.

Dairy Australia National Extension Projects

Dairy Australia, the industry's peak services body, has been The Incalf Book cover
a leader in providing proven management information to dairy farmers in areas with specific potential for improved performance. SUBStitution has providing editing, design and layout services, capitalising on our substantial experience in agricultural communications.


  • Countdown Downunder,
  • InCalf,
  • Top Fodder,
  • Countdown Symposium 2012.


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